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Communities Call

This is a call to all brazilian Information Security communities, groups, associations and institutes. Register today to participate in the selection of top professionals in the area of information security

InfoSec Army is a crowdsourced security platform. We want to provide a central and secure enviroment where companies can find and hire qualified information security professionals. Originated from the segmentation process of the SecOps – InfoSec Army initiative, it aims, through its verticals, to optimize the allocation of available resources within the information security area thus help reducing the so-called “Cyber Skill Gap”, providing a tool that enables the end customer to find high quality information security services at a fair price. We are working on the platform, and will release new features as soon as they are ready. Check-in regularly for updates.

It will allow the creation of the  so-called Bug Bounty programs, where companies can hire hackers in a secure way so that they can test their assets for security failures by paying for failure found.

It will enable content providers to offer their courses to those interested in the subject in an exclusive environment focused on information security courses

It will allow the communication and exchange of ideas among information security professionals, where any professional, company, community or association can create a profile or group for discussion of related issues and dissemination of information security news

It will allow companies to freely publicize open job vacancies and find qualified professionals for competencies in the area of ​​information security

It will enable the realization of complex projects in the area of information security through the allocation of different professionals or companies of the sector coordinated independently, guaranteeing projects with superior quality, impartial and more competitive prices.